Creating innovative opportunities for authors

In the 21st century, knowledge is creatied at a lightening speed. It is more important than ever to provide a service that optimizes time, technology and human expertise. We have created a service model using peer review and co-op marketing. Specifically, each of our authors agree to serve as editors or members of a peer review team to ensure that every publication meets the highest standards.

In our challenging times, we also face issues of market saturation and information overload. This is why we use the co-op marketing model. Every author is given the opportunity to buy other authors’ book at wholesale and then sell them at retail - keeping 100% of the profit. Authors know, that making money comes second to creating a reader base for their work.

Especially attractive is the fact that we have created a system of publishing smaller works both independently and collectively of the author’s larger work. Together, we launch quality work faster and more effectively - controlling printing costs while sharing editing/reviewing labor. We have also developed a marketing model that protects your intellectual capital.

You are probably wondering how much this service costs? Using our incremental publisher program, your costs are just the time it takes to write each segment of your larger book. Otherwise, PUBLISHING, HAVING A UNIQUE QR CODE TO PROTECT YOUR BOOK, HAVING A DIGITAL VERSION OF YOUR WORK TO DISTRIBUTE, and CREATING AN AUDIO VERSION OF YOUR WORK IS FREE!





“You will be amazed at how quickly you can have your first publication, written, edited, reviewed and finalized for publication. Instead of months, the entire process takes just a matter of a few weeks! Now it’s possible to have a product to distribute to your audience, helping you create a readership base. A book, even if it is chocked full of information, that never gets read is just a stack of paper bound together with glue."

David M. Penrose

Author/Actor/Public Speaker


If you have a message to share with the world, then we have a solution for you. In today’s economy, it is wise to remember “DON’T SPEND MONEY TILL YOU START MAKING MONEY!” Why?

Using the incremental publishing model, you create more product for your exploding audience. Once they get their hand on the first “microguide” they will know that your message is worth sharing with their friends. It isn’t until you have published a series of works on the same topic, that you publish your complete work called “pocketguide."

Since we have author/editor/peer reviewer/translators participating in our co-op, we are able to ensure the highest quality and broadest distribution stream possible.

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